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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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search for victims. >> the reason the president and other world leaders are breathing a sigh of relief. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us it's monday, june 1st i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is right there. he knows how our day will do. >> cooler. compared to the weekend. no doubt about it. big fog bank out there. very strong sea breeze. it will equal 50s and 60s over by the waters edge. low cloud deck looks like it has regrouped in a big way. really a lot more 70s or low 80s in locations that were 100 degrees two days ago. >> steve, good morning traffic looks good. it's foggy along the coast. you may see that and a little foggy to drive in pacifica and san francisco. let's move along and take a look at 880 north and southbound.
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the traffic here looks very nice with no major problems. we also want to remind you we hear that 580 earlier was closed for police activity that has reopen as you drive through the area. and one last thing i want to tell you that traffic on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking pretty good. it is looking good to the pips la. let's go to the desk. we are beginning with that developing news. chp searching for suspects in the shooting. one that did shut down the oakland freeway. it happened just before 11:00 at fruitvale avenue. you can see tara moriarty is there at the scene. what do you know now? >> reporter: you know neighbors didn't want to appear on camera. they were very shaken by what happened from their home. just a couple of yards from here. down above fruitvale avenue. that is where it all unfolded. emergency crews rushed the victim to a hospital last night. we are told he's in critical condition. it happened just before 11:00
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last night on 580 eastbound. they heard several rounds of gunfire and a screeching rub of a car peeling off. one man limped off the roadway and was hurt telling police they just took my brother. the suspects were able to get down. traffic was backed up for more than three hours. they have reopened the freeway here. police have not identified the victim if you saw anything you are urged to contact oakland police. we will stay on top of this and let you know if there are any new developments this morning. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. happening now for the third morning a group of parents is sleeping on the grounds of lake view elementary school in oakland. ktvu channel 2 reporter paul chambers is out there with him with more on why they refused to move since friday afternoon. good morning, paul. >> people in the area are starting to wake up. supporters here say they are staying here until either the
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school reopens or the superintendent leaves. take a look right there. you can see some of the signs. supporting the school. as you said the school is 98 years old. behind the sign we are told between 20-30 teachers. this all started friday. the last day of cool. supporters set up tents and began occupying the school grounds. since then they have held several rallies protesting the closure of this and four other schools. all of which the district says they are closing cue to budget cuts. the group here plans to start an informal summer school this morning. we will hopefully talk to some of those people as i said. if we can come back out here live you can see the signs. don't close any schools. down further it says love students keep their schools open. below that is more teachers, less stupidity. hopefully we will talk to
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support supporters out here. they want to start an informal summer school. they will start that at 8:00 and we'll be back here. live in oakland i'm paul chambers. the mt. diablo school district board will meet to approve contracts. provide 3% one-time payments to reimburse employees for furlough days taken last year. board members are also expected to appoint up to three elementary school principals, vis principal and school administrator. new information about a deadly weekend boating accident. it happened right outside of stockton. a boat carrying three fishermen flipped over. one of them survived. the body of another boater was found saturday afternoon and then last night another body was found.
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they cannot confirm it's the body of missing boater ace moore pitman. his disappearance caused a heartbreaking fathers day for his family. >> it feels receiverty when he's not around. it tears me apart. today. and it being fathers day, it's even like -- i wish i could just say happy fathers day dad. >> the coroner still has not released the name of the man who's body was found on saturday. investigators say the three men were not wearing life jackets. the tragic death of a popular petaluma boy has brought one community together. 13-year-old trevor smith died friday morning while on his way to a birthday party. the chp says he was killed while pushing a stranded car on to the side of the highway. yesterday there was a neighborhood fundraiser to provide financial and emotional support for the boys devastated family. >> i think it's remarkable. i actually don't know these people very well.
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but trevor did and i know he's very fond of them. and god bless their souls. >> organizers say yesterday's fundraiser raised more than $2800. trevor's brothers are hoping to set up a wrestling camp in their brother's honor. 5:05. san francisco's ethic commission will hear opening arguments tomorrow in the case involving suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi from office after he pled guilty to false imprisonment. tomorrow begins a three-day set of hearings. another three-day set could happen in july. the commission will make their recommendation to the board of supervisors which will have the final say. most european markets are showing gains this morning as the greek election results triggered a rally. investors in the far east are
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showing results. japan and taiwan closed up 1.75%. coming up at 5:15 why the leaders of the world's largest economies are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. 5:06. sal, you ready to rock and roll with the morning commute? >> we are. i just found out about an accident. i'll tell you more about it. we just went -- we are just about to go on the air with it. let's start off with the east shore freeway and traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the east shore freeway. it is a nice looking drive with no major problems. this mornings commute looks pretty good if you are driving on interstate # 80 that is a nice looking drive getting up to highway 17. i'm look agent the south here. chp is telling us about a an
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accident north of 280. and that would be if i just moved to the map right around here. right where the 280 icon is. so watch for a crash there. chp is on the way. 5:07 let's two to steve. >> sal, thank you. fog bank is there. temperatures they started coming down really yesterday. but some of the temperatures on saturday were just through the roof. really hot. i mean some of that valley heat. 106 livermore. 103 santa rosa. today though 60s and 70s and low, low 80s. temperatures will be coming way down. there is a lot of coastal fog out there. the trend is to bring temperatures down. kind of level off today into tuesday and then further cooling as we head toward if not wednesday but thursday. west at 30. that is extra hold on the hair spray. that is howling right there. westerly breeze i mean the delta breeze is flying. 50s on the temps mainly.
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mid 50s to a few upper 50s. some temperatures north bay a little cooler. the low which went over us is far enough arizona way the wind is turned more westerly or south westerly. windy at times. usual suspects. fog, sun, cooler. some local drizzle possible. close to around the bay. more likely wednesday night into thursday as that low comes back toward us. 50s and 60s and 70s or very low 80s. unless you are up near ukiah. but 60s and 70s vacaville with a southwest at 15. 78 concord. 65 berkeley. 66 san leandro. 80 morgan hill. sunnyvale at 74 degrees. upper 60s toward burlingame. 50s and 60s on the coast. not much change tuesday and wednesday. it looks like a cool down thursday. kind of level off and keep things nice. a brawl after bay area car
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show. police say they know who started the violence. >> also the health of rock star ozzy osbourne's son is in jeopardy. and this comes a week after he became a new father. >> you are driving on highway 24 it looks pretty good from walnut creek to oakland. we'll tell you more straight ahead. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats.
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police are blaming violent street games for a weekend brawl outside of a car show. it happened saturday night after the low rider car show. it started when a 40-year-old man got in a heated argument with members of a local street gang. that triggered a bigger fight which led to several injuries including the man and his teen age daughter. the low riders club say the fights were not directly connected to the car show. new this morning the israeli military says it has carried out an air strike against suspected palestinian militants in the northern gaza strip. the two men were killed in the air strike as they were riding a motorcycle. the attack took place shortly after they infill straited egypt. it's not clear if it was in retaliation for that. the head of the u.n. observers mission in syria is demanding both government troops and rebel fighters allow the evacuation of endangered
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women, children, elderly and sick from the city. so far though neither syrian troops or rebels are willing to hole their fire to let the civilians leave. president obama tries to head off a keeper deeper global session at this years g20 summit. alison burns is in washington, d.c. to tell us the latest. >> reporter: let's take a look at president obama's arrival last night. he is expected to use the summit of g20 leaders in los cabos, mexico to make an urgent flee for stability in the european economy. he wants leaders to shore up banks and stimulate job growth. the they say the stakes are very high for the united states as well. >> what we expect to see at los cabos is european leaders articulating how they will move forward on escalating their response to the crisis.
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>> reporter: there is a sense of relief at the summits after greece dropping out of euro zone. president obama has a high stake meeting tea with the president of russia. i'll have more on that during my next update in about an hour. reporting live alison burns. time now 5:14. today republican presidential candidate mitt romney campaigns in wisconsin. part of his five-day bus tour. romney wants to capitalize on the big republican victory in wisconsin. that is when governor scott walker survive the a very contentious recall election. wisconsin has not voted for a republican for president since 1984. but republicans are sensing an opportunity possibly after governor walker challenged public sector unions and he survived democratic push to recall. san francisco mayor ed lee has reached labor agreements with 26 unions. the cities controller office says that is about 18,000 city
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and county workers. they will get a combined pay raise of $41 million over the next two years. they will also get a 3% cost of living adjustment in two years. many labor groups have held rallies demanding raises after years of concessions. jack osbourne is facing multiple sclerosis. in an interview with people magazine 26-year-old osbourne said he was diagnosissed two weeks after his fiance gave birth to their daughter. he says he's angry, frustrated, earn concern the about what this means for his new family. ms is a disease that effects the brain and spinal cord and result in serious disability. 5:16. critics are squawking about a new law in vacaville that limits who can own chickens. chicken owners are worried their chickens could be taken away from them under current zoning laws. they must have 1,000 square feet of land for every bird they own. the owners plan to address the vacaville city council later
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this month. they want to get that law changed. 5:16 is the time right now. back over to sal check in on traffic this morning. sal. >> all right, so we have a new crash. a couple new crashes and we are looking at the traffic very closely to see how you will start this monday morning. let's go outside first and start with the maps here. injury crash westbound 80 at highway 101. normally with our camera we can see that but it's just too foggy. i also want to move the maps down to south bay. northbound 280 there is an injury crash. car overturned. it was a deer coming through. and i believe according to chp the car got into the collision with a deer or tried to avoid the deer and got in a wreck. let's go to highway 24 lafayette westbound. you can see traffic looks good here. it's a nice drive. speaking of oakland, 580 and 880 are open. this is a look at # 80 near the
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-- at 880 near the coliseum. let's go if steve. thank you. a rather strong sea breeze in place. it will be a much cooler pattern. 5-10 degrees cooler again today. big drop was yesterday along the coast. inland was still in the 90s. they will continue to drop today. so the cooling trend kind of started yesterday. really kicks in today. and it will stay right there. tuesday even additional cooling as we head toward thursday. when you see a south, southwest sea breeze at vacaville at 17 and a west 30 at fairfield with gusts to 39, i mean they are sole out. they are done. that tells you everything you need to know. 50s on the temps. one 60. but mostly mid r50s on the temps. fairfield 55. concord 55 degrees. the low which was right here on saturday has moved far enough away. that has allowed the on shore wind to kick in. eventually that will eject
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toward us. drawing the two together by wednesday night into thursday. so big fog bank out there today. kennedy and cooler. sea breeze. cooler conditions toward thursday into friday. fog, sun, cooler windy at times. maybe local drizzle around there. 50s, 60s or 70s and some low 80s. petaluma 72. vallejo at 72. 83 pittsburgh. 84 brentwood. 74 danville. 75 san jose. low 80s santa clara valley. 70s on the peninsula. low to mid and a lot of 50s and 60s on the coast and in the city. not much has changed tuesday into wednesday. tennessees continue to drop inland. we will sit there sunny, breezy cool pattern. >> all right, thank you, steve. the greek elections spurred gains early this morning across europe. central banks from the major
5:20 am
economies say they are ready to take any steps if the greek election. checking in on wall street. the futures do indicate a lower opening. not a huge loss. about .25% loss. the dow will open up about 50 points. nasdaq futures indicate a slightly higher opening. so we will keep watching for you as we get closer to the opening bell. time now 5:20. a tennis player disquaffed while playing in the finals of a tournament. the very angry outburst that has triggered a police investigation. >> and the cliff house could get a new edition that is taller than the restaurant. >> good morning, marin county traffic looks good. you may be dealing with fog in some parts of your morning commute. we'll tell you where it is. here you go little man.
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lots of fog, low clouds. cooler breezy windy. temperatures today by the coast. 50s and 60s. inland temperatures 70s. storm chasers in minnesota captured some funnel clouds forming. take a look at that picture. video from wheaton near south dakota state line. national weather service received reports of two tornadoes touching down.
5:24 am
the storms brought hail and strong winds to eastern south dakota. trees were uprooted. power lines were knocked down and buildings were damaged. san francisco cliff house would get a new edition. there is a proposal to mount a wind turbine on top. the pilot project would last three years. some say it's great. it's environmentally phrenly idea. others worry the 31-foot turbine will be an eyesore. the national park service wants inbutt before giving approval. a new business has opened in oakland that is a cross between an indoor playground and a star bucks. it's called the play cafe. offering parents and children to get a snack and meet with friends. the price $8 per child for as long as a family wants to hang out. there is an extra charge with a coffee, tea, salads, and other foods. some parents say the opportunity is worth it. >> it's just good to have a
5:25 am
community place where people can get together and talk. >> our kids need a place to play that is safe and adults need a place that is fun and safe for us. >> now this new business was created by a former information technology professional that wanted to spend more time with his family. changes are being recommended to help save whales near san francisco bay. two marine sanctuaries want to change shipping lanes to avoid areas where blue and hump back whales are sighted. they also want to start a real really-time whale sighting network and work with port authorities to reduce ship noise. superintendents of the sanctuaries will decide whether to implement the recommendations. police in london are investigating an assault complaint filed against a professional tennis player. he was leading in the second set of the queens club final yesterday when he got angry. take a look. he kicked a piece of advertising board. that board cut the line judge
5:26 am
on his shin. he was disqualified for unsportsman like conduct and stripped of his prize money. 5:25 is the time right now. the act the accusers have spoken now it's the defenses turn to make the case. who jerry sandusky's lawyer may call to the witness stand. >> a series of apartment fires have fire investigators and the red cross very busy. coming up we'll explain why the red cross is concerned about finding housing for all the people displaced. >> overnight shooting shut down a bay area freeway. what neighbors heard moments after that gunfire. >> good morning. 280 at 87 right there in san jose looks pretty good. we'll tell you where the traffic trouble spots are straight ahead.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a brand new day. mobbed, june 18th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson. you heard a lot of people. it's too hot. >> i was at an outdoor weeing on saturday. bless their hearts it was a lovely wedding. >> the bride was melting though. [ laughter ] >> her and everybody else. but today will be much more to it. some people like nelson liked the heat. we sent him to phoenix.
5:30 am
50s and 60s and 70s and 80s today. here is sal. westbound 80 traffic looks good so far. some of the fog steve talked about is lingering along the coast, san francisco, daly city, pacifica you will see some of that. also the morning commute looks pretty good in oakland on 880 north and southbound. and also 580 has reopened after overnight police activity. coming up on 5:30. we begin with developing news from oakland. the chp is looking for suspects in an early morning highway shooting. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night on 580 at truth vail-- at fruitvale avenue. witnesses say they heard as many as ten gunshots and hear a car racing away. the victim is listed in critical condition. still not clear which led up to the gunfire. the shooting shut down the freeway for more than three hours. we'll have more in our next half hour. redwood city police are
5:31 am
blaming an arsonist for a fire that happened at an apartment fire. the fires have forced so many people out of their homes county energy responsers have a different problem now. where do you put all of these people that are december placed. allie rasmus is here to explain what they are dealing with. >> reporter: they believe the fire that happened here was arson. you can still see the police tape set up here and posted over on the wall is a sign from the red cross telling some of the people effected by this fire where they can go to get help. as you mentioned, dave, there have been a series of apartment fires in san mateo county and it's putting a little bit of a strain on red cross resources. but first 25 people that live in this billing were forced out of their homes. it started with a fire in the carport in the back of the building. the flames soon spread to the rest of the eight unit building. no one was hurt.
5:32 am
redwood city police investigating what happened here as arson. over the weekend the red cross responded to another apartment fire here in san mateo county. more than 50 people were displaced by a fire that happened late friday at the north park apartment complex. no one was hurt in that fire. investigators haven't released any information yet on the cause of that fire. the possible cause. but the red cross says it is running out of motel and hotel space this weekend to house all the people effected by these fires. there have been three apartment fires in san mateo county in the past two weeks. and red cross officials say they do have contingency plans in place and are afraid if there are anymore apartment fires or multiunit housing apartment fires they will have to open up a shelter and some of the displaced residence will have to go there. live in redwood city allie rasmus. lightning is being blamed for two major wild fires burning in colorado and new mexico. in colorado the 87 square mile high park fire is burning west of fort collins.
5:33 am
it has destroyed at least 181 homes becoming the most devastating fire in the states history. the little bear fire in new mexico has burned more than 40,000 acres and destroyed 240 homes. so far this year more than 20,000 fires have ignited across the country. full containment of the high land fire in southern california is expected to tonight. right now that fire is burning in the beaumont area at 70% contained. it starletted on saturday -- it started on saturday and quickly spread to 2200 acres. so far there are no reports of damages or injuries. time now 5:33. a family in san mateo in mourning after a three-year-old girl drowned in a lagoon just 50 feet from her home. saturday afternoon little girl managed to slip away from her parents and went out of a locked gate. coming up at 5:45 what the young girl's family told us in an exclusive interview about their daughter and what they want done. a group of parents in
5:34 am
oakland refusing to leave the grounds of lake view elementary school. paul chambers is out there talking to the people that are waking up about what they are demanding from the district. paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is the third night they have slept out here. let me show you the signs. don't close any schools. love students keep their schools open. up the stairs you can see support lake view sit in. sporters say they plan on staying until the superintendent reopens the school or resigns. the school is 98 years old and we are told between 20-30 teachers and parents and students are camping out. this all started friday the last day of school. that is when supporters set up tents and began occupying the school grounds. since then they have held several rallies protesting the closure of this and for other schools. all of which the district says it's closing due to budget cuts. they go on to say the closure is necessary so it can reduce the number of campuses and
5:35 am
doing so will free up resources. one man we spoke with this morning that went to the school and mother worked here disagrees and feels the closure is stripping the community of a much needed school. >> we are not funding the community schools. and this is a great community school which the district basically starved of funding and now they are closing as well as the other ones. because they want the buildings in order to convert them to charter schools. >> reporter: the 300 students are being sent to other schools and the 14 teachers are being sent elsewhere or leaving. the group plans to open up an informal school starting at 8:00. the parents will have a press conference at 10:00. live in oakland i'm paul chambers. time is 5:35. jerry sandusky may present his side of the case today. the defense has suggested san dusky may take the witness
5:36 am
stand and they may call -- san dusky's wife is another possible witness. prosecutors may rest their case today. several alleged abuse victims testified last week that jerry san custody sexually abused them years ago. san dusky denies the allegations. the jury in the roger clemens case will begin in 20 minutes. they deliberated for 3.5 hours yesterday. clemens is charged with lying to congress. if he is convicted on all six counts the former star pitcher could face 15-21 months in prison. a man killed by a hit and run driver in oakland may have been trying to stop a fight right before he died. witnesses say someone in a white suv hit the man and took off.
5:37 am
the 19-year-old driver was detained and questioned. there is no word yet if any charges have been filed. a $45 million improvement project on highway 101 in the south bay is finished. tea it's the first stretch. off ramps were also widened and traffic signals ated. time now 5:37. sal is back. you roadway di to take care of the folks on a monday morning. >> we are. those crashes we had cleared which was nice. we talk about think last time. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. no this morning we are locking at interstate # 80 in oakland.
5:38 am
so the 580 freeway looks pretty good. and this mornings drive on northbound 280 and 101 it's a nice looking drive. now to steve. >> big fog bank in place. temperatures on saturday as you know they were hot. like edge of the sun hot. 103 in santa rosa. livermore was 106. san jose was 98. yesterday the cooling trend started it was still in the 90s. unless you are really far inland. 60s and 70s and 80s right at 80 for livermore. 62 in the city after a beautiful saturday of 86. and santa rosa 103 into the 70s now. coast and fog. maybe some drizzle. additional 5-10 degrees cooler away from the coast. saturday was spectacular. sunday there was that fog in there and it didn't take long. once that fog lifts and it has
5:39 am
lifted now. it has no problem clearing the coastal hills. it looks like thursday cooler. when you get fairfield west at 30 gusting to almost 40 miles an hour that tells me everything we fee to know. that sea breeze is front and center and it's rip roaring. 50s for most on the temps. mainly mid 50s to upper 50s. the low gave us that offshore breeze on saturday has pushed so far away. it's allowed that wind to turn more westerly. another system will draw it up here. that will give us additional cooling. so fog, sun, cooler windy at times. local drizzle possible. but 250z and 60 -- but 50s and 60s and 70s and very low 80s. 75 sonoma. nebraska have toe 74. once you get that heat in place it's tough to break that temperature still mid to upper 80s far enough away from the
5:40 am
marine influence. not much changed tuesday. here comes the system late wednesday into thursday. temperatures will really come down especially inland. all right the x-factor preparing to leave the bay area. but it's not too late to get a glimpse of the seasons singers and the new judges. >> also it was his brutal beating that led to los angeles riots more than two decades ago. what the police are saying about yesterday's death of rodney king. >> good morning, walnut creek 680 is heading south. you can see it's a nice drive. i will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. lots of low clouds in place. upper 70s or low 80s. still warm temps. coast and bay 60s. >> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:42. chp busy looking for suspects in an early morning highway shooting. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night on 580 at fruitvale avenue. the victim is still in credit can can. >> the red cross is running out of rooms to house people in san mateo county. two days after a fire in redwood city forced at least 25 people out of their homes. >> and for the third morning in a row there is this. a group of parents waking up at oakland's lake view elementary school. lake view is one of five
5:44 am
schools that are closing because of budget cuts. these parents say they will not leave until the school district reopens the school or the superintendent resigns. >> there will be an autopsy today for rodney king. he died yesterday morning. his fiance found him at the bottom of the swimming pool. tmz reports that king had been drinking all day. a neighbor says he's shocked. >> he's one of the icons you would look up to. with the l.a. riots he was the one that really stopped them i think by telling everybody can we all just get along? everybody started getting along. >> in 1991 an amateur camera man recorded four wife police officers hitting king more than 50 times with batons. at the trial three of the officers were acquitted. that triggered riots causing more than 507 deaths and a billion dollars in damage. rodney king died at the age of
5:45 am
47. in canada the investigation continues into what led to a stage collapse that killed a drum technician for the drum radio head. scott johnson was killed saturday while preparing for the show. a scaffold structure collapsed from 50 overhead. 5:44. in an exclusive interview with ktvu news the parents of a three-year-old girl are calling for safety improvements after their daughter drowned at a san mateo lagoon. this is tatiana on the right. that is her twin brother deshawn. she slipped out of her parents apartment and walked across the lawn to the nearby lagoon. that is where she was found is a short time later. she was unresponsive. her parents are now calling for some type of barrier to be put in place. >> i hope that this wasn't in vain and i do hope they put a fence up. i hate to see another child or
5:46 am
person in general go through what our daughter did. >> tatiana was pulled out of the lagoon by her father but firefighters were not able to revive her. her parents say they're at peace with what happened. it must have been her time to go. new this morning a suicide bomber has killed an army commander. it happened early this morning while the major general was heading to work in a three-car convoy. witnesses say the bomber threw himself in front of the general suv killing him instantly. four members of the security general and a passer by was injured. they have leaked information from the cyber warfare against iran. lieberman also says president obama should tell anyone on his staff involved in such leaks to come forward and that the president himself should be interviewed by investigators.
5:47 am
5:46. a leak at the don know koa phillips refine -- conocophillips refinery has been capped. a 35-foot rupture in a 1.5 million-gallon tank allowed the sulfur smelling leak to spread. at least ten people reported nausea, throat irritation, and breathing problems during that leak. the x-factor is getting ready to wrap up its stop here in the bay area. for the last couple of days the judges britney spears, lovato, and simon cowell they will be back at oracle's arena. if you do want to catch the action there is tickets available for the taping of the x-factor website. >> pretty exciting. 5:47 is the time. back to sal. unfortunately covering a crash. >> that is right.
5:48 am
we do have some crashes out there. watch for traffic to get slower. we will start this time at the toll plaza westbound. we had an earlier crash. i think that's what pam was talking about in the city. just off the bay bridge. unfortunately they have just clear -- fortunately they have just cleared that. if anything happens on the approach into the city we get a slower commute across the bay. this is a look at the commute on 237. not a lot of slow traffic here as you cross you can see traffic is looking pretty good so far. and the commute here if you are driving on the nimitz freeway it looks good. let's move the maps up to antioch. you will see slow traffic already. and 80 between vallejo and richmond. that looks good heading west. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a big fog bank in place. it was not there saturday as you know. sunday was back. sunday morning came back very shallow. now it's lifted. the fog has increased. sunny, cooler today.
5:49 am
more fog tomorrow. additional cooling and it looks like the coolest day of the week will be around thursday. then we will level it off there. temperatures will come way down. big fog bank out there. really coastal fog maybe local drizzle. 5-10 degrees cooler inland. cooling trend for almost everybody today and we'll carry that and level off tuesday and wednesday. west at 30. at fairfield. i've seen gusts to 39 miles an hour. south, southwest at vacaville at 17. so a west or northwest or you name it it's all sea breeze connection when it was east, northeast. 50s on the temps. the low right there spinning away from us will eventually come right back. that will be on thursday. that will give inland areas additional cooling. sea breeze and more fog will continue through most of this week. inland temps i know this time
5:50 am
of year days are very long. it's tough when you get into the 100s you get back in the 80s. sonoma, napa 75. windy at times. concord 78. 86 antioch. 80 pleasanton. 90s probably not here. we will see 60s berkeley, emeryville and alameda. low 80s santa clara valley now and 60s and 70s peninsula with 50s and 60s on the coast. fog, sun, mild. a big cool down looks like it continues wednesday into thursday as that low gets closer we will level off and keep temperatures sunny. this afternoon microsoft has scheduled a major announcement but it is being quite secretive. they are not saying much. the new york times says microsoft will launch the own tablet to counter apples hot
5:51 am
selling ipad. the paper ads it's expected to run on microsoft eight operating system. facebook says it will pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit under privacy rights. social network used their names and photos in ads without getting their permission. the users were not hurt by the ads. a judge must still approve the settlement. >> we may be your new owners but we don't want to reinvent the circus wheel here. >> animated z animals hot at the box office. mad gar car -- madagascar 3. the premier for rock of ages starring tom cruise and aleck baldwin worse than expected at third. snow white and the huntsman fourth. adam sandler that's my boy debuting in fifth. i like to move it move it.
5:52 am
>> i know you like to move it move it. celebrating the winner of the u.s. open. how the show put on by the world's best golfers has another show. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. an australian lawmaker says it's unlikely the country will overturn its ban on same sex marriage. the current bill has been under review for the past several months. the chairman says he supports gay marriage but does not believe the other lawmakers feel the same way. this afternoon san francisco mayor ed lee will kick off this week of pride events. the rainbow flag will be raised over city hall at 4:45:00 p.m.. that will be followed by a reception on the balcony of the mayors office. the pride parade take place on sun. 5:55. webb simpson has won haze first major. the 26-year-old shot a two under 68 in the final round then he had to wait to see if his score would hold up. he waited in the locker room with his wife. he watched graeme mcdowell miss a birdie putt right there.
5:56 am
the winner sends the u.s. open to an 18 hole playoff. >> i tell myself don't get too excited. don't try to win. you have to go out there and try to make pars. that's what i did. >> what happened to tiger? he's not happy. tiger woods was tied at the top of the leader board at the beginning of saturday's third round but he ended up finished tied for 21st. webb simpson will also remember his first major win for a strange moment during the trophy presentation. >> start but i knew that -- >> excuse me? fan dressed in a union jacket, knit hat jumped in front of the camera crowed like a bird. you can see he was quickly pulled away. simpson continued the interview while this guy was crowing. he said he wasn't sure if it was part of the deal. we have complete coverage of the u.s. open for ewe at our
5:57 am
channel 2 website that includes pictures from the entire tournament. maybe the heat got to that guy. >> maybe. >> 5:56 is the time. >> pam. >> yes. >> i was there yesterday. it wasn't hot enough. >> it wasn't hot enough to be crowing like a bird? >> no. >> you sent some good photos. >> i did, yes i do have some. good morning, everybody. i tweeted a few already. let's take a look at what we have with the traffic. i want to show you 101 in san francisco has been cleared from an earlier crash. but we have solo spinout on southbound 101 at tenth street onramp. watch for that. maybe causing a little bit of slow traffic. let's go and take a look at southbound 680 that traffic moves well. if you are driving on 237 that is also a nice drive. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. we have new information about a deadly weekend tragedy on the water.
5:58 am
what we now know about the death of two people in a boating accident on the delta. >> plus wild gunfire in oakland's interstate 580 update on injuries and the search for the shooter. >> good morning. a lot of fog. that means cooler. but how much cooler?
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